Clannad 20

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I Can't stand this shit anymore. How can anyone come up with such a silly and retarded story. Nagisa wants to create a theater club, but has neither other members or even knows the name of the play she wan... oh wait it's not even a play it's something else you're not even able to perform. Then she feels she has some kind of "guilt" which is completely the guilt of her stupid parents. Because I totally understand that a teacher can not skip one day of work if there is reason like a sick-to-death child. And I won't even comment that the young nagisa had NO REASON AT ALL even as damn little brat to leave the apartment. God damn it. This is even worse than the two retarded-moe arcs, because this time they are dead serious, but it's just so dumb, so forced emotional and badly written that I'm not able to comprehend how this pile of utter storyshit managed to get such a big fanbase and for what reason I'm still watching that crap.