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Sup /a/?

Last night I had a kickass anime dream.

I dreamt that I went to the Minami house and Chiaki invited her friends over for homework. Kana knew I had a crush on Mako-chan cuz we'd talk about anything together and so Kana said to Mako-chan "Go sit with Anon, you know he really likes you".

So Mako-chan comes over and sits next to me and I hug him and hold him close to me. He holds onto me and our bodies are up against each other. I get hard and he notices but he doesn't mind. Kana invites us to her room so we go and I was thinking I could probably kiss Mako-chan. But guess what? MY FUCKING PHONE RINGS AND WAKES ME UP FROM AN AWESOME DREAM. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK.

I wanted to share that with you /a/. Do you have any awesome dreams?