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The Subtlety of a Berserker

Berserk is the epic Seinin manga of Kentaro Miura spanning over 20 years of publication. Famous for its intriguing story and spectacular art, it has garnered many fans who love it so much that they forgive the 3 month wait between chapters. The story revolves around Guts, a lone mercenary who travels the countryside pursued endlessly by demons that only attack him and anyone unlucky enough to be close to him. On first glance, Berserk appears to be a simple, run of the mill Seinin manga of an anti-hero who kills everything that gets in his way with lots of violence and occasional sex with no hidden meaning or message, but looking deeper one sees that Berserk is actually a shockingly deep manga with intriguing messages on masculinity, feminism, and right and wrong. At its core, Berserk is a sexist series that promotes the dark-ages mentality that women are not only weak creatures that need to be saved by men, but they are also inherently stupid and evil by their very nature.