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Its time /a

23 - miss you
They completed their movie, and the day in the school fastival finally came when Yumi has to leave her school.
Kouichi is going to walk around the school fastival with Yumi, but he thinks about Mao who told me her feelings, and went out from his house.
At the same time, a football match was held on the ground. Asuka achieved a satisfactory level of result with Kazuki. After the game, a coach of the opposition invites her to attend a residential training of women's football. For Kazuki who is gratified as if he were invited, Asuka...

24(END) - ・・・and meet again
Kouichi comes across Kai and they come to talk about Mao. At the time, Yuumi does Mao and they are talking about how much they love him.
Eriko is acting alone like she avoids Kazuki since she knows the love as she is spending time with him. She was not able to meet him because she cannot stop thinking that the day when she breaks up with him will come even if she got honest to her own feeling.
The school fastival come to an end. It starts to display fireworks at a night sky. They should decide at last to give their own answer to their own heart...