Narutaru ending

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Hullo /a/

Some time ago, I posted here the Narutaru volumes starting from the point wherein Dark Horse stopped publication. They can still be found from the Rapidshare as: (v07 without censorship) (v08a, Super Manga Blast issues, kind of what would have been english v08) (v08b, Super Manga Blast issues, kind of what was the japanese v08) (Super Manga Blast plus scans, japanese v09) (japanese v10) (japanese v11)

However, v10 zip has an error, since as pointed out in Manga-Sketchbook's pages, it is missing some twenty pages for no reason at all. Noting that, here is a zip containing the complete v10 AND the final v12 released by m-s last week. (v10 fixed and v12)

So, for those of who downloaded those zips, here's the rest for you.

Note: all the volumes have also been posted in another board (searchable with rapidsearch) with slightly different numbering on volumes 8-9, so if you downloaded those, don't bother with this.

tl;dr: my favourite comic of all time. I was thinking that the final volume was kind of a letdown, but the final chapter totally blew me away. Post some Shadow Star if you will.