ITT: Weird Things you notice while watching anime

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List any random thing that you've noticed while watching anime. I'll go first.

- The Japanese voice for Simon sounds eerily like the English voice for Shinji. If SPike Spencer were Japanese, he would sound like Tetsuya KAKIHARA. Kinda like how there's that one guy who looks like the Japanese Steve Buscemi, ya know?

- More often than not, I encounter a dub script that resembles a fansub script. I don't mean like how the copypasta the dub sript for dual audio .ogm and .mkv files. I mean stuff like, say, ROD the OVA and Ms. Deep saying how her name "sounds like a porn star" in bothe the dub and the fansub. Also, the official subtitle translation sucked in comparison for stuff like flow and dialogue.

Anyone else?