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So I've noticed that everyone seems to be jumping on the anime meets the West bandwagon, making hybridization the new hip thing. Just in the past month we've had news of:

1. An Akira live action film produced by/starring Leonardo DiCaprio

2. CG Astro Boy starring that kid who was in The Spiderwick Chronicles, directed by the guy who did Flushed Away

3. Stan Lee teaming up with the mangaka of Shaman King

4. And today's news - Disney and Madhouse creating a Lilo & Stich spinoff

And of course the whole OEL thing and people using the term "manga" to apply to work that is definitely NOT manga.

What should I make of this, /a/? Is this just a fad? Should I be worried that eventually anime will just be some weird cross-breed and we'll fondly remember the days when it came from Japan?

TLDR: Anime/manga... IN AMERICA! Good or bad?