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I- I didn't mean all that stuff with those mean emails. It's just that... I- I just can't keep it together. We're so differend, you and I, you know. It's not like it matters or anything, honestly. It's just that... All the boys, you know. All of them staring at you like that... I don't think I can take it. Not like I own you or anything. I just... I'm not going to share you with anyone anymore. Listen! No more panty shots. No more any of that fanservice stuff or we're through. You hear me? One flash and we're done! I love you, you know. I do, I really do. I just so hard sometimes, you know. I trying to become this better person and all... I can't hack it without you, babe. I tried it, I tried, honestly I did. P- please just hold me like that again... We'll figure it out tomorrow. Just hold me, okay.