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Hey /a/sshats! I've got a little bone to pick with you!

Looks like some impostor was running around trying to ruin my sparkling reputation!
Well, I'm the real NAMEFAG AISHA and the other dude can go back to ZONE and fap forever for all I care.

BUT, here's what's relevant to your interests. To combat the utter lack of Aisha Clan-Clan images on both the Internet and 4chan itself hiding among the HDD's of Anon, I'm about to run a full week of screen capping and upload over 300 640x480 screen captures of Aisha & Co. to /rs/. /v/ is in on this and already has placed bets.

I just want to get the word out so you can all have something to look forward too. There will be Fire Cat, Transformation Sequences, Action shots, QUALITY, Nudes from you know when, and Aisha + Jim images.

Get ready, this shit's about to go through the roof!