Higaragi Family are now offical residents of Washimiya city

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You guys are gonna get a kick out of this!

Hiiragi family becomes officially registered as residents of Washimiya city:

The city of Washimiya loves having the Hiiragi twins of Lucky Star, Kagami & Tsukasa, be a part of their city in the anime series. Yomiuri news reports that the Hiiragi family from Lucky Star have now been registered as residents of Washimiya city.

They love it so much that they milk the publicity for everything it's worth. But now they've gone the full nine yards, & have made the Hiiragi family official residents of their city.

They’ll also be selling the specially designed Hiiragi family certificate of residence at 300 yen each starting from the 7th of April, you can bet it'll be a hot souvenir for otaku tourists there.