The negative consequences of trolling Part 1

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Before I start, I'd like to actually point out what makes this community "Good" or at the very least "Unique." Between /a/, and other anime related discussion forums, you'd notice little to know difference aside from layout and posting format. The rules are the same; no NSFW content, no inflammatory remarks, keep content on-topic, etc. The thing that makes us special would be the elitism brought on by the fact that you can post anonymously. Yes, it's also extremely immature, and as a result, people latch on to average shows because they're accepted by the community. It does keep this place relatively free from terrible anime, however. Our sheer intolerance for Naruto or related series' is what keeps /a/ different from other places. We are prone to group-think, and group-think has done us well: Which leads me to my next point

Keeping the status quo.

Status quo: "The way things are", or "The current state of affairs". This is the underlying fabric of what keeps our community together. Because of the anonymous environment, the status quo is actually vulnerable. Global opinion can be changed rather easily with the illusion of many people believing it, which creates the problem of trolling.