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God damn, The average anime retard in the states makes the rest of the us looks bad. I say we take back our hobby and make them the outcast. Those fuckers deserve it. We should do what we do best and learn from others who have managed to defeat the horrible beast. We will combine out tactics in a tome and distribute this tome to our comrades in arms around the world. Then when the time is right we strike. When ever you see some guy wearing naruto head band in public and saying stupid shit, snicker... hurt his pride. When forced to enter a casual conversation talk about abstracts and details that are usually overlooked by others. When you see a group of failures talking about "YOW-E" in public, tell them how disgusted you are and immediately leave the area. MAKE THEM FEEL SHAME, MAKE THEM LEAVE THE PUBLIC EYE, MAKE THEM HIDE IN THE SHADOWS. And when they leave, it will be our time to return to our shattered kingdom, we will pick up the pieces, we will reach out to those who can still be saved and we will teach them the proper ways. It will take time and effort, but with our combined brain power /a/ i believe we have a chance.