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This shit has been annoying me for some time now, and I'm wondering what the rest of /a/ has to say about it.

Vastly exaggerated and seriously shitty height/weight estimates. Now that I've finally started watching Hajime no Ippo, thoughts that lots of other jap-made stuff made me going on has recently reawakened, as the series has lots of focus and mentions to the characters weight. Ippo's a tiny little shortstuff with BULGAN MUSCLES everywhere, yet he qualifies as a featherweight. That's around 120lbs/60kgs. I can kinda get this. But then we have Takamura, who's head and shoulders taller than anyone and everyone else, with enough muscles to put a bodybuilder to shame. And the bastard's a Middleweight, and at most 73kgs/160lbs.

Pic very much related.