Bleach 313

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* The first half is a Nnoitra flashback. Ken orders Ichigo to grab his sword ,take Inoue with him and leave. Ken tells Ichigo his job is done and the shingami will take of the rest .

* Ichigo objects ken interjects and tells him Ichigo he is a shinigami representative and his primary job is to protect Karakura . Ken orders Inoue to heal his wounds and Inoue begins.

* Stark appears suddenly before Inoue and tells that he doesnt like doing these kind of things but he has borrow Inoue for a bit .

* Ken and ichigo get ready to fight but Inoue and Stark dissapear . Ichigo and Kenpachi are shocked and suprised

* Scene changes Inoue stands before Aizen . Aizen " Welcome back Orihime, what’s wrong? You’re making an unhappy face? Smile, the sun has darkened, then everyone feels sad right? Just smile and wait here a little bit ".

* Behind Aizen, Gin and Tousen Karakura town appears. Aizen " Until we have destroyed Karakura town."

Finally Stark in action + Aizen rape fest incoming