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You got to steal big ass, yeah
Make me laugh, yeah
Make a nigga wanna grab that
Autograph that
I'm sweating on the draws, yeah
On hard, yeah
Wanna walk it like a dog, yeah
Break you off, yeah
How you gon' get yours, yeah
That's for sure, yeah
You fucking with my nerves, yeah
To the curb, yeah
I know you bitches know, yeah
And it show, yeah
But a nigga got some more, yeah
I'm 'bout to flow, yeah
Fresh off some shit, yeah
In his bitch, yeah
We be making hit, yeah
After hit, yeah
Them titties sitting nice, yeah
I wanna bite, yeah
I could fuck you right, yeah
All night, yeah
Wanna bring it to my house, yeah
On the couch, yeah
Knock the pussy out, yeah
Get them out, yeah
I wanna see these hoes, yeah
Bend it low, yeah
Let me run it in the hole, yeah
Let me know, yeah