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Well /a/, something has been seriously bothering me. And I think it's gonna drive me batshit insane if I don't figure out the answer. I don't visit /a/ often. I like to think I watch a decent amount of anime, certainly far more than your average person, but probably a bit lower than your average /a/ user; however, I am not necessarily a weeaboo, on the contrary, I fucking hate Japan I just really like mai animu. Anyways, since I typically can't stand weeaboos (and because /a/'s GETs are almost guaranteed to be utter shit) I rarely stop by. Well, during my last recent visit (which was still weeks ago mind you), I saw a manga page posted that piqued my interest. I'm berating myself now for not downloading it, but I was almost certain that I had gotten the sauce. Now, please bare with me as I attempt to describe this page.
Alright, there are two chicks, one has a wooden stake on the chest of the other, who is in a coffin. If I remember correctly, the one with the stake has on a dress and has longer hair than the (what I presume was) vampire. I thought the sauce was MONSTER (not that MONSTER is bad, but I still wanna know what this is), but it doesn't seem like it yet since some of the dialog from the page was rather silly. Just tell me if you know wtf I'm talking about and send happle if you can.

tl;dr, I'm a hypocritical faggot, help me find some random animu. Pic unrelated.