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How much do your family members know about your perverse eromanga/lolicon/moe/weird fetish habits?

My mom brought some packages to me at college. We were driving in the car, and as I flipped through Robot vol. 1, she said, "That looks kind of sexy." I was like, "Don't worry, it's not porn." Then I held up another unopened package, and said "Now this , this would be that kind of stuff." (five issues of Comic AG) She said, "Don't do anything illegal." When I was still in high school, my mom once asked me, "You're not a sexual deviant, are you?" When I play moe songs like UNDER17, she calls it "that silly music." She knows I'm into weird stuff, but prefers not to know about it.

My brother knows a bit more. I was showing my older brother my computer, and he ribbed me for having a comic called "Little Sister's Panties." Once at an anime convention, I was eating lunch with him and his girlfriend, and I was like "Heh heh, check out this Nanoha doujinshi I just got. It has dick girls too."