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This site is fucked up, man.

My broseph, Chachi, told me about this place at the rager we had on Saturday. He was so wasted and he just kept going on about 4chan. So I decide to google it with the computer my dad bought me for school and it leads me here.

For serious, you dudes are a bunch of fucking faggots. Sitting here beating your dick to fucking horses and shit? For serious, not cool. What you should do is get some decent clothes from A&F, spike your hair a little and get some pussy. Tons of ladies just giving that shit away and you can always get them a little lose with the brews. For serious. Give her some vanilla vodka and she'll suck your dick, no joke.

You guys are all sick, man. I'll need to tell my boy Chachi to stay the fuck away from here because I don't want my bro to turn into a punk faggot like you fags.