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hey /a/, i havent seen this brought up, but i think its time to make a prediction about Claymore. mostly about the kid raki, who i think should be poping up sometime soon been a fucking while. as i was taking a shit, i realized 1 of 3 things are going to happen and the first one is that he turns yoma or some shit with that king of the north fuck. clair has to kill him bla bla bla. u get the same old line. 2 he is still human and knows about the whole the guys around him being awakened ones and shit, and wants them to be saved. same bla bla bla shit. now here comes the one i hope happenes. He is a GARest mother fucker we have ever witnessed, bitch can take awakend fuckers on without trying, hell a fucking army of them. with his fucking hands. so gar the first words out of clairs mouth are "fuck me now". if not, the series might go the way of the anime