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My mom made a comment about my wallpaper (she doesn't watch anime) and I was like "yeah, it's an epic battle! Bad guys are on the left, and good guys are on the right." Then she made some comment about how yeah, obviously the guys on the left are evil because they're all smiling.

I never thought about it before, but it kinda makes sense. Obviously only a villain is gonna be happy about going into a fight because they're the only ones who stand to gain anything. Well, also Crocodile's obviously evil because he has a cigar, slicked back hair, a facial scar, and a prosthetic hand, which are all classic villain traits. But mostly, like half the bad guys are smiling and none of the good guys are.

Bad guys circled in red, good guys circled in green. Not all bad guys smile, but no good guys do. Smiling = evil?

Oh and I count Smoker and Tashigi(?) as good guys because they basically are, they're just doing their job.