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Seeing this guy named “anonymous” posting made me laugh a lot, we got lot of guys like him on 4chan. They’re basically Gainax fanboys(I might be wrong, but I’m 90% positive I’m right) that hate KyoAni and Sunrise because they “sell” anime and don’t make it “for the fans” like Gainax… I used to deal with these guys everyday until I stopped posting on the anime channel… I got bored of talking the same thing to them everytime, they won’t listen so no need to waste your keyboard with guys like this. Just ignore them.

Also, being a 4channer doesn’t make you cool at all, your way of thinking is not different in any means, you’re a fanboy too. You’re just on the other side, stop shaming 4chan, at least choose a nick for yourself.

I beg for pardon for Jaalin to have to deal with some of our stupid users.

Have a nice day.