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So I have watched Last Exile 3 years ago, and I thought it was good. I heard many bad things about how it is slow paced, how the character barely develops and that overall the show is not as good as one might think it is.
Then I decided 2 years ago to watch it again, and this time around it was simply fantastic. Much better than I remembered. The cast of supporting characters (Alex and Dio for example) is very well-built, the story is strong and the setting is very good. The atmosphere is very good too and above all, the animation is amazing.
The thing is, somebody pointed that the main characters are bad, and unhappily I will have to agree. Claus and Lavi, even though I liked them, get very little development in contrast to what I might have wanted and expected.
Nevertheless, Last Exile is one of the best anime series I have ever watch and probably will ever watch.
What is your opinion /a/?