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ITT /a/'s Servants.

Class Caster
Master Yugi Mutou
True Name Atem
Sex Male
Height/Weight ?cm ?kg
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Strength E / Endurance C / Agility E / Mana A / Luck EX

Magic Resistance B
Territory Creation A+
Divinity A
Sorcery B - With his unique sorcery skills, as long as there are any small percentage of victory he can change the outcome. Boosts his luck to EX.
Charisma C
Concealment B+ - Able to completely mask his presence through directly moving into his noble phantasm.

Noble Phantasm
Shadow Realm - The creation of a reality marble with no escape until either of the opponents die The loser’s spirit is eternally sucked away, further empowering the servant. Through the altercation of reality, the shadow realm is a prerequisite for many other noble phantasms.

Egyptian Puzzle - The holder of the spirit and soul of Caster. As long as part of the spirit remains, Caster cannot be completely destroyed (unless within the Shadow Realm). Can be used to trap spirits within the labyrinth of his complicated mind if given the opportunity. Can transmute consciousness of the wearer to itself and take full control of the wearer’s body.

Summoning - Within the shadow realm he can bring fourth near-infinite amount of servants to fight for him. Including the Egyptian Gods of destruction. A near unbeatable Noble Phantasm that requires Caster to use a large amount of Mana. A true gamble.

5 - For trolling /a/, doesn’t do anything physically but rage people and sometimes cause “oh shit”s