Transformers: Kiss Players

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Any of you /a/ssholes ever watch Transformers? Guess not, not enough loli for you guys eh? Well, let me tell you a little something...
>Kiss Players (キスぷれ, Kisu Pure) is a Japanese Transformers toy franchise which began in 2006.
>The series derives its name from its (controversial) gimmick, which involves Transformers getting "power-ups" when they are kissed by human girls - the eponymous "Kiss Players" - who fuse with the robots and share their adventures. Although this plotline may seem like a shift in demographics to little girls, it is said that this line was aimed at a much older (and creepier) adult male audience. Indeed, the toys bear an "ages 15 and up" warning, and the subject matter of the accompanying manga is far from child-friendly.
>When the basic concept of Kiss Players—"toys with figures of cute girls"—first surfaced, the reaction from the Western fan community was generally unremarkable, amounting to little more than a bit of good-natured eye-rolling and mutterings of "Those wacky Japanese...but if that's what it takes to sell the toys...", understanding that there is a certain subset of collector who enjoys such things.

It does not end here, there is MORE to come.
How is this related to /a/ you might ask?
Well...there was a manga you see.
I'll tell you a little about it in the next post.