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I'm a drawfag (not the best drawfag, but whatever).
I'm going to study software engineering in my college.

My point is, I would love to become an animator but my taco shithole has pretty much nothing on terms of studios or even proper animation shit.

My goal is to make my own animations, so I want to make this thread about how would you design an animation software to help you out to make an animation as cheaply as possible while having the best quality.

As for my idea is to basically make a 3D software, and allow you to draw vector lines in a 3D space, and obviously being able to tween and modify the lines depending on the frame.

So, in a sense you draw a pose and then simply rig it like a 3D model and tween the lines (since they're vector lines anyway) like some illustrator pen tool, similar to SAI pen tool and blender pencil tool.

The goal is to reuse the lines between frames and do simple 3D animation techniques because the lines will be stick to a 3D rig.

Something like paperman with some twist.

Of course being able to edit the lines in every frame would be a good idea.

The coloring could be maybe voxels or something, like zbrush 2D painting skills or some way similar to zbrush, the material inside, so you sculpt the 3D planes by painting them like a photoshop brush.

Of course the lightning could be calculated by some toon shader or toon algorithm, but you could edit the shadow boundaries I think in some way, maybe having a mask you could edit.

Dunno, these are some of my ideas.
pls feel free to add some on your own.

Basically picking the best ideas from photoshop, illustrator, zbrush, SAI, paperman and other software, focused entirelly towards 2D animation.