Am i fkd?

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So a few years ago i was playing around with SFM, Didn't know jack about 3D in general but was having fun making shitty lewd r34 animations of my favorite characters.
After a while i got frustrated with the lack of models available and the seeming laziness of people who did shit skinning making their posted sfm models unusable.

From that frustration i decided "I might as well learn 3D and do it myself" ofc with grand plans of making fantastic models and everything.
One Piece Time skip 2.5 years where the first year i was wrapping my head around wtf a polygon/ topology was, modeling a bunch of crap but learned allot. Going into second year i made some decent mechanical models but not too refined, Started learning being cheap with poly count etc, then sculpting organic forms/ learning anatomy for some time.
last 6 months its been animation, locking down fundamentals of that while also applying that information on modeling for animation etc.

MFW after all of this i finally look back in SFM direction to see a shit ton of well made/ rigged and animated models!!
WTF!? Overwatch stuff animated in mass, AAA game models everywhere and seeming to get better and better on SFM lab.

Did i waste my fucking time learning all this stuff when i could have continued animating in SFM all along? The goal was more about outputting animation more than anything but had to create my own assets to do so i thought.

fk me