3ds max stability

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>Turbosmooth glitches model
>Can't select model anymore
>Manage to select it by it's name
>Scene disappears as soon as I move camera
>Delete modifier
>3ds max crashes
>Use older backup of scene, this one is fucked
>Same shit happens after turbosmooth (only 4000 polys, polycount isn't problem)
>Reset xforms, attach object to a box, export it as FBX, import it back in in another scene
>It works fine now

Is this normal for a 3d software /3/? I'm legit asking, do 3d softwares just pull shit like this on a regular basis or is it just 3ds max?
I really like the fact that Blender is free but I'm so used to 3ds...

(Pic mildly related)