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how the fuck do soft as overly emotionally attached "muh fee-fee" people expect to make it in this industry?

today i had probably the most awkward experience of my life.

at school i asked to see this guys work (who is learning game art to be a character artist)
and all i said to him was that the perspective of his chest looks off. he literally got triggered so hard that i feel bad 12 hours later. hes like "i didnt ask for your criticism" and nigga said "as artists we have emotional attachment me to our work so you cant say stuff like that"

WTF? literally any artists ever will tell you to never get attached to your work because your art director or supervisor might say its shit and make you redo it like 450 times.

or have i just grown a hard shell from posting on /3/ for over 2 years. people told me my work is shhit and that i should kill myself so many times that i cant have it any other way. but you niggas tell me exactly why my work is shit and what i should fix so ty for that.