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Hello /3/, 3DCG beginner here.

I'm trying to get into Maya after a few months into ZBrush. I've torrented Maya LT 2016 but it ran like crap. Started, and it took around 15 seconds to be interactable (max/minimizing window, clicking buttons), etc. And when it does get responsive, a click on anything takes another minute to yield any results. Also, double-clicking on the polygon button opens up the window for settings, but clicking create does nothing and it gets stuck like that until I ended the program through Task Manager. Any idea why this happens? Does anyone in /3/ have a suggestion on what I should do? Perhaps a better torrent that works?

Here are my specs:

Intel Core i7-6700HQ 2.60GHz

And the torrent used is:[64-Bit]-[FirstUploads]

>inb4 torrenting
>inb4 learning 3D on a laptop
>inb4 get better hardware

I'm still learning, please don't deny me. Thanks a lot, /3/.