3DS MAX - Need help with attaching tent / cloth roof to poles and animating

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Hey all,

I'm facing a bit of a problem right now with a project.

In the image you can see that I'm trying to attach the cloth roof to the tent poles sticking from the sides of the tower. However, I haven't found the exact way to get what I want like I have in that Cinema 4D image.

I am trying to retain the flat surface of the cloth while doing so, so far I know that I can simply use it like a normal flagpole but that felt too rigid and did not exactly attach itself to the model and just hovered above where it was placed essentially. I used the Node settings for that try.

So i'll need help with this as soon as possible.

P.S. At work we mainly use Cinema 4D for modelling and I'm coming from that background but for our recent project in UE4, I need to use 3DSMAX for exporting APEX simulation data.*