Haydee for SFM

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Hey /3/
So I've recently fallen in love with this game, and its protagonist. I know there is a community model of Haydee already up over at SFMLab, but here's my question: has anyone ported a copy of an unmodified source model of Haydee into SFM? I'd love to see a stock Haydee, maybe one with higher resolution textures, rigged for SFM with boob physics (for obvious reasons). I like the models that have been made already, but I'm more into the vanilla build of this game, or at least basic stuff, like the black leggings, or the Emissions version. Stuff that I could see fitting in the game, instead of the over the top TnA that's over here. That stuff isn't bad by and means, just not my jam for this game.

edit: Alternatively, if someone can give me a basic step by step list on how to go about doing this myself, I'd love to create it and put it out there on SFMLab or loverslab or some other shit.

Aiming for this:
-Vanilla source Haydee model
-Higher resolution textures ( I might just use black/grey leggings with a sheen similar to the chest piece. I'll make both, fuckit.)
-Rigging the model for SFM ( Literally no idea how to go about this. Pointers for a first direction? I can prolly figure out the rest.)
-SFM boob physics, seen it done before, dunno how to go about it.
-If I could get the chest armor along with it? I guess it might be easier to make two Haydee models, armor and sans armor. Hopefully with the same boob physics for both.