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what's up /3/?
Thanks for your time and forgive my off-topicness. This is my own little stunt I saw an anon pull off some time ago. I'm making a pilgrimage across the boards of 4chan and exposing myself the this site beyond my little /tg/ bubble.

If you guys would be so kind, I'd love to learn about the culture and topic-matter here at /3/. This is a board I know literally nothing about. Are you guys all just students and hobbyists? Or are you guys the ones making those terrifying Overwatch SFM pornos? I've seen the occasional /3/fag mentioned in Warhammer miniature threads when 3d printing is brought up but aside from that you guys seem to keep to yourself.

Sorry my pitch is nowhere near refined. Hopefully it'll be polished up after a few boards on my journey. If you guys would rather not bother with me, let me 404 and I'll be on my way.