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What is the current best way to do UV unwrapping?

I know how to do basic unwrapping in Maya (I'm using 2017), bring it into Photoshop, then export it back into Maya, but this seems suboptimal to me. I have to be missing something.

My texturework is fine, but is there really no way to see how the textures are affecting the geometry in real time? Do you really have to export the whole thing, see that something got fucked up, then go back and fix it again?

If you're working with something like, say, an unwrapping face, how the fuck do you tell where things like shadows are going to go? Is it just trial and error?

Are there better ways of unwrapping UVs than Maya? I know a little about 3DSmax and other programs but I'm clueless how UVs work in those. I've also got a hypershade texture in my Maya file so I don't know how that would transfer over.

What are some ways I can improve my UV ways? Programs to use?