Are there any decent places you can sell garbage?

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I used to be a carpenter, I broke my back a year ago and had to flush that career path down the toilet, recently decided to take up 3d modeling since it seems like one of the few worthwhile crafts for a cripple that could actually go somewhere with enough time and effort invested into it.

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to make cash with this before really developing a portfolio or anything beyond a basic skillset of say, 200 hours of initial practice, I know that comes off sounding like I'm an impatient teenager who doesn't want to actually put the effort into improving but what I mean is is there much of a market for lowest bidder slave labor shitty mobile game shovelware assets or something? I'd understand I'd have to work for indian tier wages but I'd just like to find a way to pay rent while I learn this shit, I'd be perfectly comfortable working for less than $2/h just to develop my skills for a couple months to a year, I'm just wondering if its possible to make third worlder wages by making placeholder assets for an indie dev or something and if anyone knows of a good place to look for outsourced low quality low pay work.