Course or self-study?

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Is it possible to be good as someone that had finished a course in animation/3D alone and get a job in the field, in your opinion?

I'm a huge fuckup, been a NEET for years. Always wanted to be an animator, took a short course long while ago and fucked it up, wasted years of my life being depressed and doing nothing (after realizing I'm not good enough for anything).

After trying to study other things and change my path I "found out" I still want to be an animator despite everything. So I wanted to start over and take a long course this time, only to find out it costs triple than what I expected. I don't know if it's worth it. On one hand, I'll have people working in the field giving me useful information and critique on my work, which will help me avoid many beginner mistakes (and maybe get a job quicker), on the other hand, it costs a lot, diploma doesn't really matter and there is ton of information online. What do?