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Outstanding questions:

What's the difference between subdivision surface and multiresolution in blender?

What's a good workflow for transferring from blender to unity?

What's a good beginners guide to zbrush?

What does the following message in renderman mean?
>An RiMotionBegin()/RiMotionEnd() block was defined which contained either inconsistent subroutines called for the time samples or more time samples than expected. The erroneous data is discarded.

What's a decent resource for .dwg housing plan files?

Whenever I load up ZBrush 4R7 and spend ~10 minutes doing whatever, I always get an abnormal termination error. Any ideas whats up?

I can't seem to get normal maps to work with Vray in 3ds Max. I've tried to: 1) just use a normal map in the bump slot (decent results -- although I'm 99% sure that it is just converting it to grayscale behind the scenes which is incorrect) 2) use the "VrayNormalMap" (worse results) 3) use the standard "Normal Bump" map (worst results) I can't really find anything online about this either other than defunct threads from 2006-7 which say that Vray doesn't (didn't) support normal maps at all. Can somebody point me in the right direction?

Finding lots of tutorials for sculpting hair but does anyone know of any good tutorials for polygonal hair.

3ds max users what are some good plugins for destruction and fragmentation?

How to texture paint in Blender 2.7 with no difference in opacity on the brush/pixels? (I'm attempting low res, low poly)

Are F-Curves necessary in animation?