3D Rips and Edits

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Hello /3/

how fucked am i if i would create a patreon campagne offering videos and free downloads to a software that i wrote myself that contains edited lewd and sexy models of different games like for example overwatch?Most of those models are also available on steam for source filmmaker. Im currently doing this for fun and i edited a lot of models from different games. I also made some videos and people really liking it and asking me for comissions and stuff. Thats why im really thinking about creating a patreon campagne for this project,

the thing is that i know that is kinda legal to create art out of other art if it is altered in a certain degree. There was also this case in the US in the 70s where an comicartist drew mickey mouse in sexual intercourse and get sued by disney. But disney lost this case.

Is doing this some kind of grey-zone or are i in serious trouble if i do such stuff? Also the patreon model is a bit questionable in this case because its more like a tip to the creator then selling a product.