3D Printing Job Advice

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Hey peeps,

I'm a motion graphic artist and wanting to take my career to the next level and possibly generate income through bringing my art to life by 3d printing. I've been thinking for awhile about making 3d jewlerry/figures for people to wear or for home decor and was just wondering if anyone has experience from doing this and if it's possible to make a career out of it.
I've been modeling 3d for awhile now and was wandering if it's worth while opening a online store on artistic websites such as etsy and sell my creations? Also wandering if it is possible to print polished metal I want to work low budget so don't mind if it's silver or not I just want people to be able to afford my artwork but to also have the look of a almost mirrored silver.
Can anyone recommend me any good websites/companies that 3d print metals I'm also living in Australia at the moment if anyone knows of any companies in Australia that would be awesome aswell.
I have lots of ideas and would really like to turn my ideas into a possible future career