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Any US freelancers here? I'm new to the industry in terms of professional experience and I recently found a job which pays me per project.

Things I need to do:
1) They send me models of LED arrangements which I sometimes need to change a bit. I also need to apply materials to them, including setting up the lights and glow.
2) They send me high res stock images I need to edit in PS removing arrangements that already exist on the images.
3) After it I go to 3Ds Max and recreate most of the surfaces of the scenes and place the LEDs in the scenes. I set up all materials for the scene and then render it all with VRay in several passes, which takes few hours.
4) I take renders and composite the passes onto the images.
5) Sometimes they approve sometimes they don't so I need to redo some stages of the process.

I was told they pay me fixed price per project, and when they asked how much, I thought for start it could be $15/hr and it would probably take me at least 5 hours to complete one project. So I said $75 per project.

So it turned out it takes me 8-10 hrs at least per project, not including "fixing" stuff when they ask. But as they pay me $75, it turns out I get around $450 per week, minus taxes will be $370 or so, which is less than fucking McDonalds and completely ridiculous considering that I have a degree in that field. I basically work on these day and night, all weekend too. I was going to ask them to pay more, but I realize they can just tell me - what the fuck we had a deal, now gtfo. And I will be left without income and I wasn't really able to find any full time job for a while.

My question is - what do you think I should do, go forward and tell them - I takes me more hours, so pay me more? Or I should just keep working low pay and keep looking for a full time job to reduce risks of homelessness and once I find a job, I could already ask them for more money?