I Would Like Sources, To Help Me On My Particular Endeavor

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(uuuuuh....well i just want to start of by saying i'm sorry if this isn't the right place or thread for this kind of thing but i can't seem to find answers anywhere else so i digress)

so,can any one point to me to Pornographic stills and animations that you know were done with blender?
you don't have to post them here, a link will suffice. I am asking this because i'm interested in breaking into the ''3D indie hentai''(i know it sounds dumb, i don't know what else to call it) scene.(I'll be able to make beautiful renderings that don't need a complex
story or relatively advanced animation tricks) I plan on using blender for this but i want to see what i'm in for first. Yeah i know the open
source movies like Sintel double as ''showing off the software'' pieces but i'm going to be doing this alone, unlike how Sintel was made.
i want to see if a ''one man blender pornographer team'' is to far fetched for me. So /3/, am i stupid or am i on to something/you can help me out?