Typical Entry Level Pay

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So I'm at my first job which I was initially told was a internship paid via "stipend". Now however I have taken a "one month contract" that my studio had offered at 16 an hour. So really I think they were initially after an intern, but got a higher workload and decided to hire a junior artist.

As it is getting close to the end of the first month, I asked if I could expect to work there longer, to which I got the reply, "yea you can expect to have work here for at least 5-6 months"

What I'm wondering is, should I try and negotiate a raise or is this pretty typical in terms of "paying your dues" in the industry? I'm basically a "jack of all trades 3D artist, who takes a lot of shit done by other artists and puts it together and does rigging and generally whatever needs to be done."

It's a really small studio, and they outsource work from India. So they really like to keep things quick and cheap as there work is generally not something that goes on public broadcast.

I'm glad to just have work for the next five months, so I can look elsewhere for a job in that time, but the pay is pretty, meh. I know people starting at larger studios for 30 an hour.

Any employed fags on here?