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i fell for the modo meme and was using it for a few weeks, i just deleted it because it sucks bad

the smallest things will set you back:

> literally cannot move a vertex or poly to a set location in space in relation from 0,0,0. i was planning on modeling my apartment and it was impossible to make exact measurements ( modo forum defense force says the reason behind this is that it isn't a scene creator, it's strictly a modeler, which makes no fuckin sense )

> no easy way to just turn on hard edges. for a sphere you have to edit the material assigned to the sphere and turn smoothing to 0, for box modeling you need to edit vertex weight. have a box and a sphere? you need to edit each respective object each way as i described

> i could NOT assign two different materials to two different selections of polys, even after copying and pasting them into separate groups, would assign whatever texture i had highlighted to both groups. this is probably something simple but i'm fucking done skimming through 10 videos to find out i need to click 10 more times in the program for something milkshape could do in one step

> program crashes all the time, feels like its in beta