Need some help with 3ds!

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Trying to port a hair from another game Fallout 4.

Asked several people, to not much this is the last place I can ask.

Does 3ds have something like a transorm - apply feature like old Nifskope?

This is what happens:
Pic 1: original nif
Pic 2: Nif when exported directly from 3ds, looks like shit (is there a way to fix this?)
Pic 3: Nif when exported from 3ds, but adjusted to not look like shit, has Z level 120 in nifskope; Causes the goddamn mesh to dissapear when I get close

I'm trying to get a workflow going of fixing a REALLY annoying glitch caused by bad vertex normals, so far its this:

1. import nif into 3ds
2. Edit "Change properties" "Backface cull"
3. Unify normals
4. Edit normals
5. Break normals and unify normals
6. Change order of modifier list, skin above BS SubIndex modifier
7. Set Z-level of mesh to 120 due to it dropping to the floor (if not at 120 it will be at the NPCs feet, instead of head)
8. Export

Whenever I do this, the exported Nif has a Z level of 120 showing in nifskope, which causes the mesh to become invisible when up close (webm coming next post)
I know old nifskope had a transform - Apply feature that would fix this, unfortunatly current Nifskope for FO4 does not.
It is possible to fix this issue in Outfit studio but they bring back the shitty vertex normals, the very thing I am trying to fix...

tl;dr - Does 3ds have some way of transforming and applying changes so that the translation in nifskope says 0 all around?