Drawing a 3d model?

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So I've been trying to work my 2d sketching skills into 3d modeling, and I'm in over my fucking head. When I finally found an app that seemed perfect for my skillset (uMake), I found out that it's iPad only and I am not about to go buy an ipad to do what it is I want. Googling things such as 'draw 3d models' and '3d sketching' bring up the same product pages with no actual insight as to how to make the jump from 2d to 3d. I was wondering if /3/ had any sort of wisdom or insight as to the best track I should be following for drawing(via drawing tablet) a 3d model and learning from there.

From my own delving into the subject, CAD seems to be the keyword I'm looking for, but as I said, I'm in over my head, and haven't seen much in the way of clear answers from google.

To be clear, I want to use my DRAWING TABLET to draw the lines I want to exist as a model. This is where my skillset lies, and finding good tutorials on how to do this has been practically impossible with google shoving product pages in my face with every keyword set I try. So I come to the sages for advice