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>Finally get a job as 3D generalist at a decent but small studio
>"You'll mostly be using Maya"
>"Here's you desk"
>Mac Pro

Fuck. Holy fuck why do people use this shit.

My PC at home has 8GB ram and a graphics card from like, 2006 and it runs Maya faster than this Mac Pro desktop piece of shit with 40GB ram and some kind of Mac Graphics card.

Is there anything I can do?

God damn it's such a piece of shit. The hotkeys are fucked up and every thirty minutes all keyboard commands just stop working. Or the mouse will just remain clicked for 5 minutes regardless of what mouse is plugged in.

I spend 8 hours a day working on the Mac Pro Shit Heap "Yosemite" bullshit. Mac interface is the most cancerous shit on the planet, half the time the fucking "finder" just disappears.

i thought I'd just get used to it after two weeks of working here, but opened up some work files from home today on my old ass PC, only to feel like I'm back on a real computer and not some fisher price tricycle.