Going from FX to Concept Design

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I'm curious to hear some thoughts on this and how much overlap you think there is.

I started out as a modeler/generalist but before I got to a professional level I switched to FX. I've been working in the industry now for a year as a Houdini FX artist at a big studio. FX can be very challenging and that part is fun and great, but I am yearning for more design and creative work vs being the guy making huge technical setups that take weeks and weeks. I would like to also work from home instead of going to a studio for 10 hours every day.

Luckily my modeling exp will transfer easily to this modern world of concept design (think: people like maciej, ash thorpe, jama jurabev) but I am worried about FX. Do you see it helping at all? Is it a bad decision to begin to try to make this switch out of a successful career already?

My skills would be as such: (lets assume 7/10 means I can do it at a studio and be paid)

3D modeling - 6/10 (Maya/Max)
Lighting and Rendering - 7/10 (mantra and vray)
Painting - 4/10
Nuke - 7/10
Houdini - 9/10

I would have to learn Substance, Modo or maybe just go right into Fusion, Keyshot, ESPECIALLY drawing and painting skills have to go up..and I guess id still love to keep using houdini for some stuff even if I am creating 2d concept images.

Its hard to formulate a concise question, but im hoping i can put all this info out and just hear peoples thoughts.

I feel I am a year of intense studying away to just put my work out there and hope I can freelance from home as a concept designer, and while its scary to leave my successful houdini fx artist career i am 25 years old so its not that bad. I would need to focus on drawing skills the most. I just dont want to throw away the last years of my life of learning houdini ya know? I wonder if theres any concept guys out there that do use houdini for stuff..

Thanks guys. Maybe someone has already made the switch and can let me know whats up.