New Workstation

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Hi i want to built myself a new workstation - manly blender and adobe Premiere.
Eventually want to use Unreal and Cryengine.
And it should run Minecraft on second thought.
I would consider myself pretty advanced in blender and i want to sepnd arround 1.500-1.7disch €.
Found that parts - Any suggestions?

CPU - Intel® CoreTM i76700
GPU - PNY NVIDIA Quadro K2200

Board - ASUS Z170P

RAM - G.Skill DIMM 16GB DDR43000 Kit
HDD - Western Digital WD2003FZEX 2 TB
SSD - Samsung MZ75E250B 250 GB

Energy - be quiet! STRAIGHT POWER 10 400W
Cooling - Thermalright Macho Direct