Learnig Basic SFM for Filler Shit

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(It's hard to tell where the hell this goes, so I'll try 3DCG. Inb4 SFM hate)

I've been working on a mashitima series based on a pilot that was received relatively well in Fallout 4

However, I am very limited by the FO4 in-game engine for animating the characters. It seems with each iteration of a Bethesda RPG, it gets harder to make this kind of content (especially since there's 0 mod support for machinima. peaked back in Oblivion).

I'm looking for the best quickstart or tutorials related to what I'm trying to make. I don't learn well from people who are not concise or shove their disgusting personality into an instructional video I've realized.

Here's the pilot: https://youtu.be/9O4ikvBa6cE (hoping to get a lot better quality and time into the project for a real release)
if you're looking for it, it's pretty easy to notice the gimmicks or trickery and that I don't actually have a lot of "control" over the "actors"

I just want to fill in small spots with things like walking (literally importing walking animations if I can), handing an item over, the large silent character being more emotive, etc.

Biggest issue is time. I have about a month to do this first episode before I move to LA, which will take my focus away from this and toward finding a new job before my savings dwindle too low.

this isn't for "the big jewtube bucks" because no one gives a fuck about machinima that isn't porn now. i just want to make a thing. help appreciated