Best software to learn quickly?

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Hello /3/!

Coming this august I plan on colonizing a relatively small village in south west Namibia.
My plans for this colony are simple, I want to create many mods for the popular racing simulation rfactor 2.

So I come to /3/ with a question;
What is the best/easiest 3D software I can teach to underprivileged low
IQ African villagers? I plan to get the workload up and running fast, so I want to get them all trained within maybe 3-4 weeks of intense and in depth learning.

If you don't mind as well, I'd love to know what the best pc's I can get built up?
The colony will have at least 20 work stations, I have a $50,000 budget for technology alone.
So feel free to not hold back, I would like to have fast working machines.

Thank you for your time!