Unable to edit envelopes on skin modifier on both 3DS Max 2012 and 2015

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Right, so I'm porting a model from WoW into Skyrim and I'm having issues getting the rig working, or more like having issues getting the skin modifier to work

In 3DS Max 2012, I can see the envelopes and only add weight to them. When I try to remove weight from the model be it either by selecting vertices or weight painting, it completely ignores the commands. Same goes for when I'm trying to adjust the envelopes. I even removed Isolated vertices.

In 3DS Max 2015, I can add and remove vertices BUT I can't see them, so I'm completely blind when trying to do anything rig related in 3DS Max 2015.

Both versions of 3DS Max are legit and fully updated with the latest service packs.

This is pretty irritating since I've spend two hours now trying to figure out what could be causing this. Anybody knows about any possible fix?